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Power Vinyasa

A dynamic and challenging sequence of postures, power vinyasa practice integrates and detoxifies. Linking body movement with breath flow and powerful connection is established. This practice builds strength, flexibility, endurance and super charges the body's energy. The practice cultivates a meditative quality of a clam mind through present moment awareness and focus on the breath. This is a powerful practice for mind, breath and body. Pick your level, practice there and beyond as we offer modifications to tailor your yoga practice to you.

The studio is heated 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Dress light and prepare to sweat. All levels. 

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa is a style of yoga synchronizing breath with body movement. This practice is designed, with creative sequencing, to offer a full body practice. You will develop strength, increase mobility and flow. Find your center as we consciously cultivate a breath focused practice. This class, lends time for playful back bending, arm balancing, inversions and some hand balancing.

Progressive classes taught at Level I for beginners and all levels, Level I/II to build on basics and grow, and level II is a solid intermediate class - recommended six months to one year of consistent practice.

The studio is warm at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Dress light and prepare to sweat. All levels.


Yoga Lab

Practice with your instructor in this interactive group experience. Each class with a different theme, discover the layers of yoga beyond asana. Unpack your most loved and most challenging postures. Build upon your foundation, energize your week, fuel your fire for practice. Intermediate level. Yoga experience required for this class.

The studio is heated to instructors choice.

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