New Yogis, please remember, everyone here has been a beginner. The choice to begin a yoga practice, is the choice for transformation. Follow these guidelines to fuel your practice.


>Please arrive a few minutes early to grab your spot and get centered. We understand, life happens, but, we aim to be early or on time out of respect for everyone's time. Thank you!

>Refrain from using your phone. Cell phones are not permitted in yoga rooms.(Many of our guests enjoy a quiet and meditative atmosphere so please be respectful and turn your phone off. In fact, while you are relaxing and unwinding, is best to leave your (turned-off) phone in the dressing room).

>Respect allergies and sensitivities to perfume by going scent-free.(Since our studio is a place where deep breathing is a requirement, please refrain from using perfume or other strongly scented products before or during your visit. Instead, pack your scent in your bag for a spritz post-practice.)

>Remove your shoes when you enter the studio and secure your belongings. Use the dressing room please.

>Keep the peace: be mindful of noise levels by speaking low or observing silence.(Taking a moment to "read the atmosphere" can come in handy when entering the yoga room. Walk in quietly, gauge what others are doing and err on the side of silence if you are not sure whether you should chat with your friend. Place your mat and belongings down gently - your neighbour will thank you for being mindful. The studio is quaint, please come sit down in the retail/reception if you’d like to quietly chat with your friends.

>Make room for others when placing down your yoga mat. If the room is starting to fill up, please be welcoming and proactive about moving your mat over to accommodate a neighbour.

>Leave it tidy: put your props away after class, wipe down your mat, and wipe the floor if necessary.

>Please focus on yourself and your practice.

>Doors open 10 minutes prior to and after class.

Thank you. Welcome. Namaste!